How to Begin

AN EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTOR leads a small group of students through each step of the process: surface preparation, shellacking, applying multiple layers of paint, applying a decorative stripe, wet sanding, antiquing methods followed by final waxing and polishing

THE STUDIO offers a hands-on environment in a fully-equipped studio in New York City. Students develop the fundamental techniques used in all decorative painting, explore color and design principles of basic painting techniques and render a piece of furniture in custom mixed colors.

AT THE COMPLETION OF THE COURSE the apprentice has rendered an expertly painted piece of furniture, its best features carefully accentuated and its surface enhanced with the patina of gentle aging.

THE TECHNIQUES LEARNED in the Basic Painting Techniques on Furniture course give the apprentice craftsman the fundamental skills used in all future courses. A unique curriculum, designed by Isabel O'Neil, follows the Basic painting course and guides the student through sequence of courses, progressively building technique and skill. No prior experience or study is required.

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8 weeks
$650.00, plus materials

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Studio Workshop will open in January with limited class size.

Safety precautions will continue. 



how to a
how to b
Unfinished table   Painting the candle stick
how to c
how to d
Beginning the table    Custom color
how to e
Decorative striping   Buffing the finished table

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