Sequence of Courses
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Courses at the Isabel O’Neil Studio Workshop must be taken sequentially.
Each course builds upon skills and techniques learned in previous courses.

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Journeyman Courses
Courses listed below must be taken in the following sequence.


1. BASIC PAINTING TECHNIQUES ON FURNITURE Surface preparation, sanding, shellacking, paint application, decorative striping, antiquing, waxing and varnishing.

2. GILDING 22-karat gold and pure silver are used to leaf carved objects; Dutch metal and aluminum are used to imitate metal-inlay design.

3. VARNISH AND POLISH Oil and waterbase varnishing, wet-sanding and polishing


4. DESIGN TECHNIQUES Brush stroke practice, design fundamentals, color placement, shading, border design and composition.

5. COLOR Color theory and charts of chromatic intensity, tonal value, interrelation of color and neutral hues tinted with color.


Courses listed below preceded by the same symbol may be taken in any order elected.
Each group must be completed before beginning the next group.

DISTRESSING Physical and surface distressing, design application, antiquing patinas and waxing.

GLAZING A transparent layer of color superimposed on an opaque base color, design application and varnishing.

CASEIN Sophisticated use of color and design on a gesso-like base emulates 18th century Venetian and Florentine furniture.

LACQUER TECHNIQUES AND IVORY European lacquer, Japanese Negoro-Nuri lacquer, eggshell inlay and faux ivory.


FAUX MARBLE Wet and dry floats, trompe l’oeil marbre, veining and antique patinas.

GOLD TECHNIQUES Shaded yellow ochre, gold leaf designs shaded with artist’s oils, and freehand bronzing.

FAUX MINERALS Chinese and Florentine lapis lazuli, yellow poppy jasper, black and golden tigerite.

FAUX TORTOISE Inlay designs of tawny tortoise, red and green tortoise, amber tortoise, ivory and pewter stringing.


Advanced Courses
All Journeyman Courses must have been successfully completed before the student is eligable to begin advanced courses.


ASIAN LACQUER (Lacquer II) European adaptation of Asian techniques of Mokume, Nashi-ji and golden grain lacquer.

CHINOISERIE The European interpretation of Asian designs gilded on black, red, and Coromandel faux lacquer backgrounds.

FAUX BOIS Imitations of satinwood, olivewood, zebrawood, kingwood, tulipwood, walnut burl and crotch mahogany.

MALACHITE Gem and fantasy malachite are learned.

MARBLE INTARSIA Simulation of marble and minerals into intricate geometric paterns and designs. Granite and fossiliferous will be included.



MARQUETRY AND PARQUETRY Curvilinear and geometric inlay designs rendered in zebrawood, kingwood, macassar ebony, rosewood, tulipwood and crotch mahogany. Prerequisite: Faux Bois

MINERALS II Glazing techniques to create facsimiles of these stones and minerals are learned— Jade, Rhodochrosite, and Charoite

SHAGREEN textured materials and glazes are used to render imitation of shark skin.

ADVANCED TORTOISE (Tortoise II) Fantasy techniques of argent d’oré, Renaissance and conceit tortoise.


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